Games featuring Women: Herione’s Quest

So, a friend of mine is taking on a new challenge to only play new games that give you the option to play as a woman. And I thought, I’d share what I find in the Indie Games realm. There are actually a few games that are coming out this April that feature female protagonists in the indie realm.

So here’s one that was released in February 2014 and it’s free! (Donate if you can.)

Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok


You can also download it here at GameJolt.

Humble Bundle 7

The Humble Bundle: PC and Android 7

Photo Credit: Humble Bundle

If you’ve never heard of Humble Bundle, you should really check it out! The deals are always a steal in my opinion and proceeds go to charity and the developers. On top of all that, you can decide what you want to donate and where the money should specifically go. Oh, and usually you get a Steam code to add all of the games to your library. Virtual *High-Five*

There are about 3 days left in Humble Bundle 7.