First Impressions: GTA V

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

After the great disappointment of such games as,  Aliens: Colonial Marines, I refused to pre-order games any longer. I luckily opted to pre-order Tomb Raider instead of the aforementioned game. Whew! I dodged a big bullet with that one. Good grief.

I will fully admit, I have never played a Grand Theft Auto game before. I am a GTA virgin. I’ve seen it being played by friends but all of the driving always turned me off. Why? I am a terrible driver in video games. I just don’t have the finesse it takes to race through traffic.  Racing games make me want to rage quit. In fact, I generally don’t get far in racing games before I throw my controller. And since controllers are too expensive to replace on a regular basis, I just avoid games like these. And yet, every trailer I’d seen for GTA V made me want to play the game. So I buckled under peer pressure and pre-ordered the game. It has been worth every penny thus far. And little did I know that because I  pre-ordered my copy that I got a bonus vehicle, a blimp. Yes, a blimp.  I am quite ashamed to admit that I spent a bit too long just cruising along in my big blimp. Ridiculous. Continue reading First Impressions: GTA V