$10 for 100 Titles on Comixology

So, this is very much like a drug dealer in that Comixology is pretty much giving away the first in 100 independent comic book series in celebration of it’s first year in business and SXSW. I know the last thing I really need is to get invested in any more ongoing comics/graphic novels and yet this bundle is too good to pass up. I thought I’d share because the sale ends tomorrow 10/10/14, 11pm EST.

Source: Comixology

There seems to be something in this bundle for everyone and let’s not forget these are indie titles so I can get behind supporting an indie series or two. I know there are actually quite a few titles that have been on my radar in this bundle so it was a no-brainer to purchase. If nothing else, check it out.

Source: Comixology

And by the way, Image Comics has a new bundle available; I am a huge Image Comics fan minus any Todd McFarlane Productions series because I can’t support anyone that thinks comics aren’t for women. (Psst, Todd the 1950s are calling you back.)

Day 10: 31 Days of Halloween

Art by Amy Reeder & Written by Brandon Montclare

Halloween Eve

Art By Amy Reeder

Written By Brandon Montclare

Amy Reeder I love you for Halloween Eve! This was a successful Kickstarter project that she did with Brandon Montclare and I can’t say enough about how pleased I am to have a woman of color in the lime light for a successful one shot comic. I’m very happy that I found out about this comic’s existence. I own a hard copy and a digital Comixology copy. I think the hard copies may be hard to come by but you can still pick this up here at Comixology.

Let me start off by saying that I haven’t always been into comic books; As a kid I could care less because I didn’t really care for the mainstream superheroes too much. Don’t get me wrong I watched the early 90s X-men cartoon and various Batman movies the same as anyone else, but I didn’t feel compelled to pick up the books. I’ve always loved reading so that wasn’t the problem for me, I think I just wanted to read comics like Image Comics publishes. I don’t know if I just have always been more a genre fueled girl but I identify more with the stories told by more independent sources.

Enough with my ramblings and on to this book…

I will fully admit that I am already biased because Eve is a black woman with natural hair and a realistic body type. Thank you Amy Reeder. Thank you.  Halloween Eve’s story centers around a group of costume store employees, Eve, Brandon, Ingrid and Raymond. It’s the day before Halloween and immediately you learn that Eve doesn’t like Halloween and isn’t afraid to express her opinions with a whole lot of attitude. After a crazy busy day with the store in shambles,  Eve’s big mouth gets her in trouble and she is volun-told that she will be doing the late night store cleanup. It’s not difficult to guess what happens next, while Eve is alone straightening up things in the store come alive to help teach her a lesson. Overall, this is a sweet story about our personal fears and how we sometimes put up a front because we are afraid of being ourselves.

Below is a preview of the first few pages of the book as shown by Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare on their Kickstarter page:


Photo Credit: Amy Reeder via Kickstarter

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