$10 for 100 Titles on Comixology

So, this is very much like a drug dealer in that Comixology is pretty much giving away the first in 100 independent comic book series in celebration of it’s first year in business and SXSW. I know the last thing I really need is to get invested in any more ongoing comics/graphic novels and yet this bundle is too good to pass up. I thought I’d share because the sale ends tomorrow 10/10/14, 11pm EST.

Source: Comixology

There seems to be something in this bundle for everyone and let’s not forget these are indie titles so I can get behind supporting an indie series or two. I know there are actually quite a few titles that have been on my radar in this bundle so it was a no-brainer to purchase. If nothing else, check it out.

Source: Comixology

And by the way, Image Comics has a new bundle available; I am a huge Image Comics fan minus any Todd McFarlane Productions series because I can’t support anyone that thinks comics aren’t for women. (Psst, Todd the 1950s are calling you back.)

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