Gamer Girl Talk: Video Game Drought

Source: Speroforum

I know it. You know it. The beginning of the year is what I consider “the drought”; new video games seem to be few and far between. Now I know there are new games arriving on Steam all week long but nothing that I generally get excited about. I’ve found it particularly hard to find anything to write about.

What I seem to do during the early months of the year is play amazing games that I never had the opportunity to play over the years. I have played some rather bizarre stuff. Has anyone played JazzPunk? It’s hilariously fun.  And I’ve been disappointed with quite a few games that I’ve been wanting to play.

I know that I will be slammed shortly, but for the time being I’ve actually been just enjoying myself.

Okay, I enjoy games either way. I’ll try to not be so much of a stranger.

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