Gamer Girl Talk: Stealth Games

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I don’t know why but I’ve always tended to shy away from stealth games. Let me back up, I think “shy” isn’t the right word; how about become enraged? I used to think that anyone who loves to play stealth games was insane or a masochist. Why? Well, to be truly stealthy requires a lot of patience. How many times can you creep along and then wait? I suffered from the inevitable rage of doing something clever, slowly creeping and taking my time only to have blown my cover in the final move. I’ve realized what it is about stealth games that drives me mental; I’m a perfectionist. I can’t just let it go so instead of defending myself or running away I’d just let my character die so I’d have to start the procedure all over again. If you were an outsider looking in, you’d disparagingly say that this was “mental.”

Now, I know of people who are perfectly capable of sitting and waiting; they channel ninjas in their precision, but I’m more of a “let’s explore and/or move the story along” type of gamer. Why have I been thinking about this? It’s simple really, I’ve been playing Thief. I’ve never played a Thief game before and let me tell you this game is beautifully grungy. Too many people have been saying it’s like Dishonored; NO!!! Dishonored is like Thief because the last time I checked its franchise is much older. (Yes, I know there was an arcade game of the same title in ’81 – Stealing stuff isn’t a new concept but I’m talking about the ’98 version.) Anyhoo, I caught myself doing the aforementioned thing of all or nothing and realized that this was bonkers for my game play style. I really am addicted to that little bit of adrenaline you get when you’re trying to keep to the shadows and avoid any take downs or sightings. I don’t know where that little voice comes from that says you can only play a game a certain way, but it is there. I will never be an elite gamer but I don’t aim to be. I just want to have fun, so hours into the game I’ve decided to play how I feel like playing at the moment. The thing that I enjoy the most while gaming is exploring worlds and that will never change, so that little voice telling me I’m doing it wrong is at a volume that is barely audible.

Thief has hours of replay-ability and wonderful world exploring; oh yea and it’s a stealth game.

Gamer Girl Talk: Video Game Drought

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I know it. You know it. The beginning of the year is what I consider “the drought”; new video games seem to be few and far between. Now I know there are new games arriving on Steam all week long but nothing that I generally get excited about. I’ve found it particularly hard to find anything to write about.

What I seem to do during the early months of the year is play amazing games that I never had the opportunity to play over the years. I have played some rather bizarre stuff. Has anyone played JazzPunk? It’s hilariously fun.  And I’ve been disappointed with quite a few games that I’ve been wanting to play.

I know that I will be slammed shortly, but for the time being I’ve actually been just enjoying myself.

Okay, I enjoy games either way. I’ll try to not be so much of a stranger.