Gamer Girl Talk: WIGI WAM LA

Photo Credit: WIGI Events Tumblr

I had a blast last night networking and just talking with everyone last night at the Library Bar. A personal added bonus was that I got to see the end of the Bears game 🙂 I wanted to say how refreshing it was to see a group of people that want to support women and diversity in gaming. I think WIGI strives to promote women’s work because it’s good work not solely because a woman produced it. I think it says a lot that the women and men that I met want change, but not by bashing the gaming industry; they want to achieve this by working within the current system.

I feel like I constantly say, “you can’t make a change without being visible and stepping up to the plate.” In traditional engineering there’s a severe lack of women. I’m often the only female engineer and yes it can get uncomfortable but I can’t allow my feelings push me out of the industry. I have had to fight small battles with the culture of offices but I don’t want to let anyone tell me I can’t do something because I’m a woman or because I’m black. No excuses.

The gaming industry seems to be growing quickly and there’s definitely a place for anyone that wants to be here. You can bitch and moan about inequalities but at the end of the day the only way to change that is to be there. It is very hard to change things from the outside; I think you need to  be on the inside to make positive changes. When things get rough I have to remind myself that it may seem impossible now, but there’s a reason I’m doing this. I am here. I want to be present. I want to be heard.

I try to remind myself of this:

Photo Credit: Mustang Amanda B

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