Gamer Girl Talk: Single Player

I have never sought out friends on my various gaming platforms because I rarely play multi-player. I don’t know why? I just like playing games on my own and not having to plan ahead to play with others. Or find random people on the fly. I kind of get irritated when I’m playing a game that requires me to play with other people. Boo.

I will admit playing co-op or multi-player games with people are aren’t going to be jerks is a lot of fun. The reason I game is to have fun, not to prove how good I am at games. Or how many hours of my life that I can pour into a game. That being said, good on you if being an elite gamer is your thing. I know there are tons of people that compete in gaming and I am not one of them so don’t be a douche to me because I just want to have fun.  I don’t appreciate the negativity of those that choose this way to game. So ultimately, I generally choose to game alone. Can’t we all just get along? Or at least be respectful of another person? Stop hiding behind anonymity.

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