Day 0: GDC Next 2013

Photo Credit: Creepik

I have to admit that Megabus is one of the best deals around; I don’t have to drive, free wi-fi, electrical outlets and I can sleep. One word to the wise, it is always freezing cold on Megabus so bring layers and a blanket. The drivers always say they have no control over the air, when the bus goes on so does the air. And it is cold. I did see one clever thing today, a guy brought clear packing tape and put it over the vents so the air wasn’t blowing as hard on him.

I know flying would be quicker, but honestly Union Station tends to be closer to where I’m usually going. There are no security lines, liquid limits, etc. So if I can spare the time I’d rather take the bus, did I mention that it only cost me $10 to go from SF to LA? It’s kind of a no brainer, price-wise.  And I’ve never paid more than $38 one way.

I’m staying at a new place via Airbnb, I like it and it’s within walking distance to the LA Convention Center. This may become my go to place for conferences and conventions.

I’d really like to say that I’m going to just relax the rest of the evening; nope, I have to try to get closer to finishing a few gaming reviews, doing my homework for interviews and networking during the WIGI WAM meetup in a few hours.

WIGI = Women In Games International

WAM = Women and Men

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