Day 31: 31 Days of Halloween

Photo Credit: Splatter-Shack

Happy Halloween!

The day has finally come to dress up however you wish, pass out candy and have a lot of fun!

My Plans: Today will be such a hectic day but when all is said and done it’ll be a blast. I plan on dressing up as my own imagination of a demon. I’ve been playing with latex molds and I hope the makeup will last the night. I have two parties to go to, one at the science museum and one called Nerdoween. Friday will be a challenging day to get through but it’ll be worth it for the fun to be had tonight.

No Halloween will ever be complete any longer without a viewing of Trick ‘r Treat. This film has become compulsory for me to watch on Halloween. It is one of my favorite horror anthologies and it’s such a shame that it never got a theatrical release. I was fortunate enough to see it premiere late night at SDCC one year and have been telling as many people I can about it. It absolutely makes me angry that this film didn’t get the recognition that it should have, but I am quite pleased the notoriety it has accrued over the years. By very definition, it has become a cult classic and has seen new life on DVD.

FYI: If you happen to have FearNet, they’re showing Trick ‘r Treat all day long, non-stop.

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