Steam now has 65 Million Users

Steam hits 65m registered accounts

Photo Credit: Develop Online

According to Develop, Steam hit 65 million gamers. Wowsers! I wonder how the Playstation partnership has helped with that number? I know this is random of me to post but I think it’s amazing that there are that many people that use Steam or have used Steam at some point. I’ve had a Steam account since 2005, ironically when I started my first real job. Steam is currently 10 years old and will inevitably continue to grow.

Photo Credit: Wired

This news really makes me want to get my hands on the new Steam controller. I know everyone has been quick to jump on the “hate” train but I’m willing to give it a shot. I can’t comment on something I haven’t tried. I think it may actually be an exciting controller change for indie developers. I can honestly see devs being able to be more creative.

Source: Develop

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