Gamer Girl Talk: Let’s Play Language

Photo Credit: Litstack

I will acknowledge that I like watching video game play throughs on YouTube. I use these videos to determine if I want to play a questionable video game on my list. Or to watch the gameplay of a game I have no desire to play.

Much like Ralphie in A Christmas Story, I sometimes want to wash people’s mouths out with soap. Why do we seem to have terrible potty mouths when we play video games?

For years I’ve ignored the language used by one of my favorite YouTubers, why? I feel this is the case because I look at this perfect stranger as an overall good guy that uses the word “b*tch” on a regular basis in his recordings but not in a way to describe women. He even goes out of his way on occasion to explain he’s not talking about a woman. This word gets tossed around by him as a universal pronoun for video game characters that are generally men.

I will admit that it hasn’t bothered me because I know he’s not using it in a derogatory way. But every once and a while I question whether that’s the case or if I’m just numb to the usage? Have I just accepted this language?

I often wonder if there’s an inherent issue with my own acceptance? As a woman, I know I should be offended by the over usage of this word but I’m not and I’m not sure why? Am I rationalizing the b-word usage because I know the context? I’m always conflicted with language because I know there is a lot of gray in between the black and white, especially as a woman of color.

Anyone have a voice on the subject?

2 thoughts on “Gamer Girl Talk: Let’s Play Language

  1. I find myself not having a problem with gaming language, but I believe it’s purely due to the context. Growing up playing games, I’ve always been around other people that play games, so perhaps i’m desensitized. As a new mom, however, I find myself watching my own language in preparation for the youngling (he’s 9 months now) I guess I’m becoming more conscience of it.

    • I completely agree; I grew up gaming with older brothers and I think I was desensitized at a very young age. But recently I had a conversation with someone that shifted my perspective. Weird how that works? Now I feel a little more uncomfortable.

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