Day 22: 31 Days of Halloween

Photo Credit: SXC

I thought I’d talk about how fear works because Halloween seems to be built on playing on people’s fears. We have haunted houses, movies, books, and other forms of media that like to prey on your brain’s response to fear. I personally find fear exhilarating and I assume that’s why I enjoy horror films so much. It may also explain me being an adrenaline junky. I will say that I enjoy calculated risks but don’t go off and do stupid things just to feed that need for my brain’s reaction to fear.

It’s funny how I was fully prepared to write on this particular topic especially about what happens to your brain and body when you’re afraid, but then I found this cartoon and figured most people enjoy watching things instead of reading my attempt to not put you to sleep with a more technical science-y topic ;-).

So without further ado:

How Fear Works?

How Does Fear Work?

(A more scientific piece of work)

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