Day 13: 31 Days of Halloween

The Son of Monsterpalooza Edition


First off, I must say someone cosplayed as Sam from Trick ‘r Treat! Most people that know me know that I absolutely love that film. I think that it’s a must watch every Halloween season. It’s a great horror anthology that deserved a theatrical release. *sigh*

I have had a blast getting to see the crazy talent that is here at The Son of Monsterpalooza. The best part of this convention is that I can walk up to an artist and ask him/her all the questions I have about their work and they actually want to talk about it! I know shows like Syfy’s Face-Off shine a light on some of the professions here at the convention, but it’s not the same as being able to really see people’s talent.

Universal Studio’s The Thousand Faces


Group photo of the creators

I will be honest and say that I’d never heard of Universal Studio’s The Land of a Thousand Faces. So naturally, I was ready to learn something new and I have to say that this show sounded wonderful. The show ran from 1975 until 1980, and basically gave audiences a behind the scenes look into the world of cinema makeup. This presentation was so much fun because it did its best to recreate the original show by having a “volunteer” couple from the audience, one of the original hosts, and two of the original makeup artists using the original molds and makeup for Frankenstein and their uniquely created Bride of Frankenstein. After the recreation of the show, we were treated to a panel of the creators describing how they invented a new form of polyethylene foam for masks that made quick production of the molds possible. And this new invention made mass production of the molds possible and it ultimately made the show possible.  Throughout the panel we were treated to the problem solving skills it took to bring the show to life.



The Original Wolfman Prosthetic and yes that’s Chris Mulkey


Originals from the show’s mirror effects

The Costume Contest20131012_151740

Right off the bat, I will say that the kids dominated the spotlight during the costume contest. The little Bride of Frankenstein was three years old. That little girl’s parents were amazing because not only was she decked out but she had two older sisters who were Carrie and Clara from [REC3]. (By the way, shame on the judges for not knowing [REC]) There was a 12 year old boy who made his own prosthetic  mask and it was very well done. Then there was the teenage girl who convinced her brother to wear her design of Norman Bates and his mother.  (All of these pictures can be found here.)

I was very happy with the winning costume, which had a $1000 prize attached to it. The creators were very friendly and actually remembered me from Friday because I recognized their female take on Rocksteady and Beebop from TMNT, the 90s animated series versions.  It was purely by chance that I got photos of the setup of their costume 😀


The 2nd place winners, who took home $600, was beautiful and yet I kind of felt that it was a little unfair because that costume was put together with the big booth students from The Cinema Makeup School and Face-Off contestants.  I know that biased me but it just seemed that they had a lot more resources at their disposal, which isn’t their fault. I know. I’m just a sucker for the little guy. The underdog.

Face-off Contestant

The 3rd place winner, who took home $300, was just creepy, had a working saw hand and was a high school student! This girl has talent.

3rd Place Winner of Costume Contest

Offsite: 8 Ball Retro Horror Show

After everything shut down Saturday evening, I went to a horror-ish retro pinup store. This store was really neat. It had vintage inspired clothing with a Dia de los Muertos theme. In addition to a clothing and accessories this store also displays art and has a small bar set-up in the rear. Some of the work I found in the art gallery was remarkable and creepy.


“Broken” by  Skeleton Heart


“Two Faces of Evil” by Gary J Tunnicliffe


“Two Faces of Evil” by Gary J Tunnicliffe

This vendor was very passionate about her craft of creating creepy dolls and I thought they were very well done, but I really don’t like dolls, especially old fashioned porcelain dolls. I can handle clowns but I’m not a fan of dolls.



1381617626785  I have more pictures that you can view on my Flickr.

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