Day 9: 31 Days of Halloween

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I am an unabashed Ray Bradbury fan. I can honestly say, there have only ever been two times I’ve been excited to see someone  at San Diego Comic Con. The first time was to see Ray Bradbury and the second was this past summer with Neil deGrasse Tyson and the creators of the new Cosmos series panel. When I saw Ray Bradbury, I thought he was such a delightful man, very cheeky. He was such a literary genius and after I discovered this tale, I cannot go one Halloween season without reading or listening to The Halloween Tree, which was published in 1972. I appreciate that Bradbury regularly seemed to be able to squeeze social commentary into his science fiction and I really think that’s the rather clever bit about his writing. Even this short work of his had something to say about how we look at life and death. I can’t gush enough over this seemingly simple Halloween tale because it is educational, sweet and sad. A must read for children and adults alike.

I will admit that I’ve never seen the 1993 animated version of the Halloween Tree but I did enjoy this music from the official soundtrack, so I thought I’d share it.

I do own the Colonial Radio Theatre dramatization of the book. (It’s one of those audiobooks on crack and I love it!)

If you’ve never read this loveable story, here is a preview of the cartoon version…

In my search to find a clip of the story I came across this piece. Yes, this is a dubstep song that is a tribute to Pipkin, the boy who becomes ill. I am no huge fan of dubstep but I just found this to be so incredibly random and hilariously disturbing.

2 thoughts on “Day 9: 31 Days of Halloween

    • Haha, well let me tell you I was completely gaga when I saw him. I couldn’t believe it. And he didn’t disappoint me at all! (You know how some people you idolize can turn out to be less than desirable people?)

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