Day 7: 31 Days of Halloween

2013-10-07 08.46.36

C’mon Buy Stuff

Today was the day…

I could no longer resist, I went to Target and got sucked down the rabbit hole that is Halloween decorations. Honestly, I went in for hooks and tension rods and came out with a lot more.

In true Target fashion they suck you into the little $1-$3 section with things like this:

2013-10-07 08.35.14

That says “Eat Locals” not “Fat Locals”

2013-10-07 08.36.39

Glow in the Dark Poo

2013-10-07 08.37.28

Decorative tins

Then I got curious and actively sought out the Halloween section, where I was immediately greeted by this rather cool looking tiny spider. Real spider in the Halloween aisle? I had to let out a hearty laugh and of course take his picture. This little guy refused to sit still but I still got a shot of him…sort of.

2013-10-07 08.39.57

Can you find the almost translucent spider?

I locked eyes on Halloween Barbie and it made me throw up a little. I don’t know why? It just seemed like this awful way to capitalize on little girls. Okay, yes I admit the entire Halloween section is there for that very reason, to capitalize on us.

2013-10-07 08.51.31

Sweetheart Halloween Barbie

As I made my way further into the Halloween section, I slowly became fascinated by the sheer amount of Halloween themed food products. I mean just look at it all.

Cheesy Poofs:

2013-10-07 08.53.032013-10-07 08.52.54

Jones Sodas:

2013-10-07 08.53.262013-10-07 08.53.532013-10-07 08.53.34

Gummy Fangs and Gummy Tongues:

2013-10-07 08.51.172013-10-07 08.51.05

And Bloody Bones:

2013-10-07 08.51.53

And this is just a little taste, there was A LOT MORE. I love the Halloween season but do people actually buy this stuff?

Anyhoo, here’s a little something that made we want to yell at the top of my lungs, “It’s October!”

2013-10-07 08.44.09

WTF? It’s October 7th!

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