Day 3: 31 Days of Halloween

Yes, yarn!

I’m not sure you automatically associate yarn all by itself being eerie but I think the below will possibly change your mind.

This textured yarn is amazing and quite creepy and unfortunately no longer available as far as I can tell. While looking around for a quick and fun Halloween-ish pattern on Ravelry, I came across this yarn by inSubordiKnits which let me spiraling down the rabbit hole of finding other great yarns.

Photo Credit: Insubordiknit

Which led me to this green gem:

Photo Credit: Insubordiknit

And let’s not forget about this jet black creature:

Photo Credit: Insubordiknit

These wondrously crafted yarns put to shame anything that I had planned to knit, but my little pumpkins still make me happy all the same. Why? Because I made them with my own two hands. I used two free patterns I found on Ravelry.

Knitting Patterns: Fairytale Pumpkin and Spice Pumpkin

Pictures of my Pumpkins coming soon…

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