New Janelle Monae!

In case you’ve never heard of her, Janelle Monae is beautiful, talented, and I want to thank her for making natural black hair fun! I will admit I didn’t like this album from the first listen, and I suspect it is because I was just used to the previous album The ArchAndroid. Luckily, I refused to believe that I did not like a Janelle Monae album. I waited a few days then let go of my preconceived notions and listened to the album again; Much to my relief, I really do like it. It definitely has a very different vibe than the previous album and I don’t think I was expecting that at all.

Electric Lady is thankfully its own album, which goes to show and prove how amazing this woman is musically. This album has more of a jazz vibe than her previous albums and if nothing else the music is wonderful! I love that she employs a full band and uses an orchestra. I’m may not be a fan of all of the songs but this is a solid album.

Here’s a fun song from her new album:

Bottom Line:

Electric Lady  is a lot more chill than the previous album and if you’d been jumping around to that album it may be a difficult to make the transition but give it time because it is still your girl Janelle Monae. And remember, it is much better than anything else that the radio stations are playing ad nauseum.

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