Leo and Gigi

“A magnificent arsonist is investigated for treason because of a tip from a witless smuggler”

Randomly Generated by Story Bandit

A magnificent arsonist is investigated for treason because of a tip from a witless smuggler longing for revenge.  In walks this talented lady of the flame with auburn hair, stunning eyes and legs for days. Such an accomplished criminal and she may be on her way to jail.

Flashback to 10 years ago, Leo and GiGi were the best duo in the unsavory world of crime. They were able to capitalize off of each other. It was like when they were working together they could do no wrong. Some even said that they were blessed by an angel. Can you imagine two big time criminals being sanctioned by a higher power that wasn’t Lucifer? But in all seriousness everything these two touched turned to gold and women were lined up around the block to have a piece of each of them. Gigi was convinced that he was some sort of a god especially between the sheets, but the truth was he had a bad habit of buying every woman that he bedded elaborate and expensive parting gifts. The concept of saving his money was lost on Gigi because as long as he had Leo he’d always have money. Now any moron could tell you that nothing lasts forever. I mean c’mon there’s a reason for saying like “all good things must come to end,” but I guess Gigi felt that only applied to mere mortals and he was a god.

Now you can easily imagine what happens next and I won’t bore you with the details, but in walks a woman that they both adore. Gigi wanted her for her body while Leo felt that she may actually be the “one.” You know, the woman that could make you settle down and stop a life of crime and unfortunately for Gigi, that is exactly what happened. Leo got married and started a family and Gigi’s life went to shit. Gigi tried for years to rekindle what he had with Leo with other partners but it never worked. As time passed, Gigi made sure to keep a photo of a stunning auburn haired woman in his wallet just to remind himself that some day he’d pay Leo back for getting out of the game.

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