First Impressions: GTA V

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

After the great disappointment of such games as,  Aliens: Colonial Marines, I refused to pre-order games any longer. I luckily opted to pre-order Tomb Raider instead of the aforementioned game. Whew! I dodged a big bullet with that one. Good grief.

I will fully admit, I have never played a Grand Theft Auto game before. I am a GTA virgin. I’ve seen it being played by friends but all of the driving always turned me off. Why? I am a terrible driver in video games. I just don’t have the finesse it takes to race through traffic.  Racing games make me want to rage quit. In fact, I generally don’t get far in racing games before I throw my controller. And since controllers are too expensive to replace on a regular basis, I just avoid games like these. And yet, every trailer I’d seen for GTA V made me want to play the game. So I buckled under peer pressure and pre-ordered the game. It has been worth every penny thus far. And little did I know that because I  pre-ordered my copy that I got a bonus vehicle, a blimp. Yes, a blimp.  I am quite ashamed to admit that I spent a bit too long just cruising along in my big blimp. Ridiculous.

Rockstar Games' present logo. Its design is used, with different color schemes, by all Rockstar Games studios.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Why I love Rockstar Games:

After a few failed attempts of doing chase scenes they let you skip forward. Thank you for that. I discovered this little gem playing L.A. Noire, which is yet another game in which you have to drive quite a bit. In GTA V, I’ve been giving everything the old college try but it comes to the point that you want to get on with the storyline of the game.

How I roll…

I know that a lot of people love the GTA franchise because you get to jack cars and beat the crap out of people. I will admit this is fun but not the best part of the game. For me, I love that you can drive around and explore the world that was created and WOW is it amazing. I am not ashamed to admit that one of the first things I did is go to the strip club and spend money for a few private dances until Nicki liked me. Now Franklin and Nicki have a regular sexy-time thang. Stop judging. It’s fun.

Then after I did a few main quest missions, I went exploring and drove all the way to the cable cars. It was amazing and found the parachute. I didn’t jump down I tried to bike it. Crazy. I intend on jumping from my blimp.

This is definitely going to be one of those games like Bioshock Infinite in which I’m going to have to set a timer for my game play so that I’m not pulling all-nighters with my school work and that my studies don’t suffer. I love to game but my health and school come first. I think once I’ve beat the game or gotten farther along into it, I’d like to see what the multi-player looks like. I am traditionally a solo gamer but I think this game may warrant a look at all of the features.

Photo Credit: Rockstar Games

Blerd-centric Perspective:

I don’t want to bring down the upbeat mood of this discussion but I have to address the obvious racial stereotypes in this game. You’ve got the shady Mediterranean/Russian (?) foreign car dealer and the black hoods that repo for him. I know it’s just a game trying to be somewhat realistic; And yet, it still bothers me because I know there are still people whose only exposure to minorities is through entertainment and media.  And most big video games portray a very one-sided view of minorities. And due to the popularity of this game, it will continue to perpetuate these stereotypes.

The one thing I can say is that EVERY character in this game is a negative caricature of some group. I mean heck, all the main characters are criminals and if I had a problem with that, I’d never even play the game. I take it for what it is, a game. I just get annoyed when some critics of video games can’t see that it’s another form of entertainment. They don’t seem to have as big of a problem with TV/Movie violence.

Overall Game play

The smooth Transitions from player controller to cut scenes is amazing. It’s also cool that you can switch characters in the middle of action to get a different perspective. I don’t think you need me to heap high praise on my first few days of play onto the game. I think most people have been doing enough of that already. The one thing that kind of irritates me is that they don’t have an Android version of iFruit available yet. Really? I know this is a small annoyance but you can’t train Chop, the Rottweiler, without stupid iFruit.

One of my favorite WTF moments so far:

Playing as Michael, I bought some supposed grade A pot and ended up hallucinating and fighting aliens that were trying to either vaporize or abduct me.

Look for more GTA V Talk from me every week until I finish the game!


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