Adventures in Grad School 007

Day 7:

As you’ve probably noticed, I haven’t posted anything for a while. And it isn’t because I haven’t been writing. I have been writing but I haven’t hit publish on anything because I need to go through and do some simple editing. My past week should be up soon, but the long days and the new adjustments have been kicking my butt. One thing that my illness does is suck the energy out of me. My will power can only take me but so far before my meds and my autoimmune system protests. I’ve been literally going home, eating and passing out. Hopefully, my doctors can figure something else out to help me out a little bit.  If not, I’ll figure it out like I have been since I got diagnosed with my first disorder.

Anyhoo, today has been a long long day, but I felt super productive. I’m continuing in taking the advice given at one of my orientations: Treat graduate school like a job. Work from 9-5. And really get things done, don’t just socialize. And I feel like I’ve been doing just that. My goal is to be at my desk around 8am and go to class/meetings but return to my desk and stay until 4/4:30pm. It has been working thus far. I’ve been preparing my lunch and clothes the evening prior and just roll out of bed to do what I need to do. My goal is to not take work home if I can help it.

Today marked my return to the pool after a long hiatus. I was in the water by 6:20am.  The first few laps made me feel like I was going to die, but once I past that initial pain it felt amazing to be in the water again.  I hope my body holds up.  After swimming this morning, I realized that I have to figure out something reliable for breakfast. I think I may start making large batches of grain-free-gluten-free granola. And then just have granola with Greek yogurt for breakfast.

My two classes for the day went well and I continue to make more acquaintances and hopefully friends. I completed a few assignments early after class today and plan to take my day off of classes to do my assigned readings and start working on my problem set that I got today. With the exception of me going to check out an interesting class. So all in all a good day. Nothing profound just a day that ran smoothly.

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