Adventures in Grad School 002

Day 2:

So today was more of a regular day like those I’ve experienced this past Spring. A fellow lab member brought in yummy dessert that he made from his South African grandma. Don’t get it excited, somewhere down the lineage his people were the “man.” Anyhoo, then he and his girl (both labbers) went through pictures of their 5 week summer trip to Peru. It looked amazing! But the real reason we were there was for him to practice for his quals. He did really well, except he sped through it at lightening speed. Nerves. After that was out-of-the-way I got to see one of my boys who’s taking his last prelim exam on Wednesday. He looked like he’d been sleeping at his desk. It was nice to see him but he was STRESSED. That’ll be me in a year or so… Joy! I can’t wait to get him back in some sort of normalcy in a few weeks.  After all the running around a few of us went up to the stadium to see our advisor’s new design classroom for the business school. They put A LOT of money into this fancy upgrade. Our advisor is genius in that she suggested turning parts of the stadium into classrooms. These areas only get used on Saturdays. Genius!

And that was it. A completely chill day. I went to the new froyo place that is dangerously close to my lab. I will need some will power to not go everyday.

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