Adventures in Grad School 001

Day One:

So today was the first official day that I start graduate school in Mechanical Engineering. I felt slightly old because I’d been working for nearly a decade before deciding to return to school. I graduated from undergrad with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. I went to work for the Navy as a Civil Engineering Officer. And now I’m back in school for Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Sustainable Co-Design. I will admit I was a little nervous this morning because I’m 30 and hadn’t been in school for a decade. The morning session was full of resources and then the afternoon sessions were all social.

You want to talk about something amusing, go to an engineering social event. There are honestly some people who just don’t know how to communicate with people. I’ve learned to side step those people because quite frankly they’re boring to be around. They may be geniuses but they tend to have no social skills or outside hobbies. I’ve learned that since my illness, I am a lot more outgoing and social. I find it amusing that it took a life altering illness to bring about a total “social” change in my life.

I was practically the only black person in my orientation group minus the one guy that was mixed. No worries, sadly I’m used to it in engineering. But there are a lot of people there that want to see me succeed and I’m grateful! I can’t really hide in the crowd, so why not try to stand out and make a difference in some small way? I want to give back to the community as much as I can. I want to encourage people of color and women to get into STEM fields. I will be the first to admit that it isn’t easy, but nothing is easy in life. I guess I never really thought about how important my presence as a graduate student in engineering was until recently.

I hope I can keep a regular account of my adventures, trials, etc through graduate school.



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