“One morning in an abandoned farmhouse haunted by the spirit of a crazed widow, a lost widow, a soldier, and an insane widow attempt to steal an old map.”

Randomly Generated by Springhole

One morning in an abandoned farmhouse haunted by the spirit of a crazed widow, a lost widow, a soldier, and an insane widow attempt to steal an old map. At the exact moment a young woman with ordinary features was hanging around her pop pop’s farm. She was clothed in all black and her eyes were red from the tears. She decided to leave the wake and run somewhere. She could feel the dew drops on her bare feet. She felt free. She went wherever her feet were taking her. She saw something briefly but refused to believe her puffy eyes, so she kept running. When she couldn’t run anymore she realized that the morning fog had gotten worse and if she had taken another step she would have walked smack into an abandoned farmhouse…

Years Later…

The hot sticky Kentucky day was finally coming to an end. The horses were being watered and finally exercised by the exhausted staff. Many thought that the recent heat wave had to end before it took too many more lives. Heat like this was bound to attack the elderly and infirmed first and it did. The death count for the past week alone was up to seven. Just yesterday the body of old Edie was found in her garden. She looked like she was searching for something under her rose bushes but one could never know what exactly Edie was ever up to. Just last summer, senility started to take over her mind. No one had the heart to tell the county’s first female doctor that she was losing it, so everyone in town just kept an eye on her because her only child was married to a French man and their lives were rooted in Marseille.

No one seemed prepared for the death of Edie, but she lived a full life and it was difficult to see such a  brilliant mind fade away.  In a way, her death was a merciful one.  The only thing that seemed to bother the woman that found Edie was that it looked like she was trying to dig to China. She died with a smile on her face clutching a shovel in one hand and an old piece of paper in the other.

Adventures in Grad School 002

Day 2:

So today was more of a regular day like those I’ve experienced this past Spring. A fellow lab member brought in yummy dessert that he made from his South African grandma. Don’t get it excited, somewhere down the lineage his people were the “man.” Anyhoo, then he and his girl (both labbers) went through pictures of their 5 week summer trip to Peru. It looked amazing! But the real reason we were there was for him to practice for his quals. He did really well, except he sped through it at lightening speed. Nerves. After that was out-of-the-way I got to see one of my boys who’s taking his last prelim exam on Wednesday. He looked like he’d been sleeping at his desk. It was nice to see him but he was STRESSED. That’ll be me in a year or so… Joy! I can’t wait to get him back in some sort of normalcy in a few weeks.  After all the running around a few of us went up to the stadium to see our advisor’s new design classroom for the business school. They put A LOT of money into this fancy upgrade. Our advisor is genius in that she suggested turning parts of the stadium into classrooms. These areas only get used on Saturdays. Genius!

And that was it. A completely chill day. I went to the new froyo place that is dangerously close to my lab. I will need some will power to not go everyday.



“A psychotic scientist who can hack memories stalks a gullible red-skinned alien in order to liberate a political prisoner”

Randomly Generated by Story Bandit

It’s been a long time coming for Dr. Smoot. He was at the end of his tether because he saw no other options than this. He was going to become the evil villainous mad scientist that he loathed and despised to see as a character in a novel. But it can’t be helped. He continues to tell himself “it simply can’t be helped.” He tried reasoning with his local government and when that didn’t work he took it all the way to the High System Council. They all laughed at him because they could see no political gain by helping him attempt to free a man that no one has never really heard about. Politics are about gain. None had anything to gain by helping Smoot. The High System Council only entertained the meeting with Smoot because he was one of their most valuable pawns in the System. Yet, what he was asking would have been political suicide.

Which brings us to now…”it can’t be helped.” Smoot did what he thought he had to do, but from the outside looking in Smoot is a psychotic scientist who can hack memories and managed to stalk a gullible red-skinned alien in order to liberate a political prisoner.

Smoot was very cunning and his plan worked. He realized that he had power that he never used. And now people must pay…

Adventures in Grad School 001

Day One:

So today was the first official day that I start graduate school in Mechanical Engineering. I felt slightly old because I’d been working for nearly a decade before deciding to return to school. I graduated from undergrad with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Engineering. I went to work for the Navy as a Civil Engineering Officer. And now I’m back in school for Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Sustainable Co-Design. I will admit I was a little nervous this morning because I’m 30 and hadn’t been in school for a decade. The morning session was full of resources and then the afternoon sessions were all social.

You want to talk about something amusing, go to an engineering social event. There are honestly some people who just don’t know how to communicate with people. I’ve learned to side step those people because quite frankly they’re boring to be around. They may be geniuses but they tend to have no social skills or outside hobbies. I’ve learned that since my illness, I am a lot more outgoing and social. I find it amusing that it took a life altering illness to bring about a total “social” change in my life.

I was practically the only black person in my orientation group minus the one guy that was mixed. No worries, sadly I’m used to it in engineering. But there are a lot of people there that want to see me succeed and I’m grateful! I can’t really hide in the crowd, so why not try to stand out and make a difference in some small way? I want to give back to the community as much as I can. I want to encourage people of color and women to get into STEM fields. I will be the first to admit that it isn’t easy, but nothing is easy in life. I guess I never really thought about how important my presence as a graduate student in engineering was until recently.

I hope I can keep a regular account of my adventures, trials, etc through graduate school.



Ramblings – Purging My Stuff

Entry 002:

Confession time. I really dislike sorting through my stuff. I have no problem purging things but the actual action of sitting there and doing it is just boring. I know I’m not the only person with this problem but I have solved my problem. How?

Well, I watch Hoarders. For me there’s no better way to get myself motivated than to watch and see how sad it is to have the illness of hoarding.

So off I go to get my office/craft room in shape. Of course only after an episode or two of Hoarders.